Maritime and Transport Law

Over twenty years of experience in Maritime and Transport Law


Constant support, timeliness, competence, being always close to the customer needs in the fast-moving world of transport


Team working in order to analyze and ensure all professional service


Bartolozzi Law Firm mainly performs its activities in the following areas: maritime law, air and land transports, yachting , international sales, claims handling, shipbuilding, port terminal, market competition, insurance with reference to hull & machinery, cargo, liability and M.T.O.


Our clients mainly represent insurance companies, Ship-Owner companies, Shipping Companies, , Marine Terminals, cargo and logistics services, shippers/receivers, exporters above all regarding cereal, iron and steel areas.
Bartolozzi Law Firm applies throughout national and international territory.


Bartolozzi Law Firm

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Bartolozzi Law Firm – Law Society

Bartolozzi Law Firm – Law Society

In 2016 Roberto Bartolozzi died prematurely leaving to the actual members the task to pursue and manage the professional activity in memory of his teachings.

Bartolozzi Law Firm – Law Society

Law Society

In 2015 the firm became Bartolozzi Law Firm – Professional Association.


Year of Founding

Bartolozzi Law Firm was founded in 2001 by Roberto Bartolozzi and Pietro Rocchi.
In the past years, the two lawyers had developed experience in another law firm in Genoa and gained outstanding knowledge in maritime and transport law.
Subsequently, Michele Paoletti and Marco Ferraris joined Bartolozzi Law Firm and then all the other collaborators that now are part of the Law Firm.

In memory


In memory

Roberto Bartolozzi
(1947 – 2016)

Roberto Bartolozzi graduated in law at the University of Pisa in 1975 and, the same year, started his professional practice at a maritime law firm in Genoa.
A Supreme Court lawyer, he contributed to the formulation of the Conditions of the Italian Pleasure Craft Policy, determining the interpretative criteria accepted by uniform case law.
Since the 1980s he has been the lawyer of the Arbitration Chamber of the Cereal and Seed Trade of Genoa, later becoming its President, and contributed to the formation of the case law that established the nature and interpretative criteria of irritual arbitration, before its codification.
A nautical journalist, he has been a member of the Register of Publicists since 1971.
Endowed with extraordinary professional skills and human and legal sensitivity, he deeply marked those who surrounded him with his example and teaching, always marked by humility and modesty.
Studio Legale Bartolozzi is committed to continuing its activity in the wake indelibly traced by Roberto

Bartolozzi Law Firm

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